Types of Counseling

Are you dealing with stress from anxiety, childhood experiences, depression, divorce, difficulty in making decisions, unhealthy relationships, loneliness and anger? I offer Individual and couple counseling.

Successful counseling happens in a safe and relational environment. When you can find a safe person in a safe place to speak your deepest fears, you can be renewed.

I offer confidential Christian counseling sessions although I work with people of all religions. I am a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor and in addition a Pastoral Counselor with a Doctorate in Pastoral care and Counseling.

In no way do I push religion on people seeking help, but I do come from a perspective that knows God is alive in each person. If people seek help in understanding their religion and how God operates in their life, I do offer support and assistance.

I find that Faith-Based Counseling and Support is fundamental to what most people desire in therapy. They want a optimistic caring person who can help them sort through the issues that are bothering them and encourage them in their search to find a more meaningful life. I help people deal with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship or Couple Conflict
  • Loneliness
  • Anger
  • Addiction
  • Retirement Issues
  • Loss of Faith
  • Nightmares

As a mature therapist with a lot of years of experience, I sense that people appreciate my insights and listening abilities that have come from 45 years of training and therapy practice.
If you are looking for someone who is supportive and cares, e-mail me at: buttondr@dreamsdoc.com or call me for a free phone consultation at 561 966 0171!

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