Reasons to enter counseling:

- Feel unable to do what you know you should do.
- Can’t get something off your mind.
- Have a compulsive habit you want to get rid of.
- Need help in building your self-esteem.
- Struggling over a loss, such as death, divorce, or a job.
- Desire to tap your creativity.
- Don’t know how to cope with your desires and instincts.

For over 48 years, I have counseled thousands of individuals on the pain and problems in their lives. I have helped them achieve:

- Goals to live by.
- Emotional acceptance and self-esteem.
- Uniqueness.
- Peace of mind.
- The meaning of their problems and how to face them.
- Decision-making skills to better their lives.
- Creativity they wanted to access.
- Understanding of the purpose and meaning of their life.

Finding the meaning of your life should be exciting.
That is why I offer many conveniences in obtaining the therapy you need.
- Lunchtime and evening appointments.
- Same-day appointments usually available
- 24-hours on-call for emergencies
- “No-wait” appointments
- Convenient location and parking
- Handicapped-accessible
- Payment plans available
- nationwide toll-free telephone counselling

Renew enthusiasm . . . your life has meaning!
It’s energizing to discover something new about life. This is why people search psychology, mind-body work, religion for meaning. Certainly, these can provide guidance. But what many don’t know is that the meaning of life is within them. Their unconscious mind holds the answers they want and need. Let me help you begin the process of finding these answers today with a confidential appointment.

Call Now! 
Pick up the phone now and give me a call. We’ll set up a 15-minute intro session to get you started on the road to realizing your dreams. This 15-minute session is free of charge and gives you the opportunity to be assured I can help you achieve your very best.

Rates are $150 for regular one-hour sessions, or just $75 for a half-hour dream-interpretation session over the phone, always on my toll-free line. In order to keep his rates low Dr. Button does not accept medical insurance.

To pay for the sessions go to Contact Section to make a paypal payment.


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