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Praise for Your Dreams Are Alive!

“Whether the idea of looking at a dream to find its deeper meaning for your life is new to you or you are well-versed in dream analysis, Dr. John Button’s latest book, YOUR DREAMS ARE ALIVE!, has the potential to be life-changing.  He writes with tremendous insight bringing to the reader unique and enlightening examples and case studies that dramatically illustrate how listening to one’s dreams and dialoguing with oneself over their meaning can unlock the secret to greater fulfillment and satisfaction in life.  Dr. Button, a wise and compassionate counselor, is also a gift story-teller.  Your Dreams Are Alive! is an informative and remarkable insider’s guide that just might change your life!”
- Grace Lipman

“The inner life is a limitless resource upon which we can draw to live more full and fruitful lives. However it can be difficult to find a way in. I am thankful for those who have taken the time to explore the inner life and are willing to accompany us on the journey. Dr. Button has a wealth of experience in exploring his own dreams and accompanying hundreds in exploring theirs. In this book, he has condensed and simplified his experience and findings into a helpful, valuable primer that gives all of us a starting place to exploring our own inner life through the world of our dreams and I, for one, am thankful!”
- Rev. Jason Fairbanks

“I have had the privilege of experiencing the dream interpreting prowess of Dr. Button  for over 40 years.  Whether in  a large group setting or one on one, he has had the extraordinary ability to help persons discover the meaning within their dreams.  These discoveries have been a key to the success of his careers as Pastoral Counselor and Psychotherapist. Now we all have the opportunity to benefit from his knowledge  and wisdom through his latest book on dreams.  This clearly written book gives the reader the tools to interpret his or her own dreams.  Because of the clarity of this wonderful book,  one can gain enormous insight and every day help with the added bonus of emotional and spiritual healing.  We have here a golden gem for anyone hoping to gain clear insight into their own dreams or in helping someone else to interpret  their dreams.”
- Rev.  Stephen Marsh

“As a therapist who has studied and actively interprets dreams, I found Dr. Button’s book to be of seminal importance in the large catalog of dream interpretation books available. Most are either based on the incorrect assumptions that every dream is literally about the dreamers current life or are ways for the mind to dispense of the day’s stress. The truth is that dreams are truly about your psyche making an attempt to bring a message to you that will balance and heal your life. Dr. Button gives this process much needed clarity. Moreover, he brings to the table an amazingly simple means by which the reader can interpret his or her own dreams without having to have the years of experience in dream interpretation that a therapist might have… that is not to say that the interpretation might not benefit from a therapist’s input!

I applaud and am grateful for Dr. Button’s unique and groundbreaking new book!”
- James Annear, LMHC

“I wanted to let you know that I read your book and love it.  It turned out very well,  and I really liked how you expanded on your original one.  The interpretations of the dreams and the stories of the people having them is a great way for the reader to have concrete examples of how dreams speak to us.”

Celine N. Vigneault


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