Acolades on Dr. Button’s Dream Classes and Therapy



Dear Dr. Button:

Frequent and vivid dreams have been a part of my life since childhood. Attending Dr. Button’s sessions on dream interpretation have clarified my dreams and educated me on their meaning and purpose. The relief of experiencing the “ah ha” moment when my dreams are interpreted is almost physical. – Janet Lisle

Dear Dr. Button,
Just a note to say…Thank You so much for the blessings I received from my very first ‘Retreat’. I have always enjoyed ‘small groups’. These were especially meaningful. But, the program and opportunities were so well planned that even the ‘large group’ (40+) allowed for the free exchange of faith producing, soul-searching values and life changing experiences.
Thank you again and I do hope we will have yet another occasion to grow together.
Helen Vogt Greene.

Dr. Button is totally great in every way.  He is warm, compassionate and supportive  – on top of being professional, experienced, and knowledgeable.  I have no hesitation in recommending him highly!

- Caroline Parrish


Highly recommend”

  Steve M., Friday, May 11, 2012

This review is for: Button John D

I would recommend Button John D Dr LMHC Stress Counseling to anyone who is looking for a therapist who is easy to talk to, calming and empowering at the same time.

What a splendid person…

Button John D Dr LMHC  is the most compassionate, sharp and straight forward person.  I have the pleasure of knowing him and hearing from others who have worked with him. I understand that he is a Wonderful counselor  in Stress Counseling and marital counseling, I wanted you to know how much his care and resourceful advice has meant to people I know who have worked with him. His gentle, yet firm counseling has made such a wonderful difference to many who have been experienced his expertise in counseling.



I have attended many, many of Dr. Buttons workshops and book study groups over the years and consider him a mentor and very close friend.  I would whole-heartedly encourage anyone who is searching for someone to help them find the meaning in their life to make his acquaintance. I am also happy to say that this year my wife and I celebrated our 43rd anniversary.
Joe Emrick
Dr. Button Thanks so Much!
I highly recommend you join this dream class Jan. 8th 2014! I am so pleased with Dr. John Button, interpretation of my baffling and scary dreams. He not only empowered me but provided me with a new level of consciousness and self worth!  Diane Rivers
Because Dr. Button analysed my dreams, my dreams have revealed to me what God wants me to know.  My life has changed with this new understanding of my dreams.  I have been in his classes and read his book: YOUR DREAMS ARE ALIVE!
Carla Sheedy




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  1. John Button says:

    AMAZING! 3/26/14 If I had the money I would hire Dr. Button to work with me weekly with all my dreams to help me in my direction of life. In the last month of the dream interpretation classes have been very “fruitful” towards my career, connection with God, and Peace. I have received a connection and understanding to myself and God that I could not have imagined!
    Anastasia S.

    HELPFUL! This class in dream interpretation by Dr. Button has been helpful to me. I have always found dreams to be interesting and tried to figure out what they meant. Dr. Button’s system of finding the elements and what I associate with them gives it a while new meaning. Awesome Class! I can now see how my dreams are trying to help me with my real life issues.
    Carol Lyme 3/26/14

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