About Dr. Button

About Dr. Button



Dr. John D. Button is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, #MH0003652 licensed in the State of Florida. His other academic credentials are:


  • D. Min, Pastoral Care and Counseling, Andover Newton, Newton Centre, MA
  • STM, Pastoral Care and Counseling, Andover Newton, Newton Centre, MA
  • Bachelor of Divinity (4 year graduate degree): Theology, Andover Newton, Newton Centre, MA
  • MA: Botany, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
  • BA: Anatomy & Physiology, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
  • Four-year Post Graduate Certificate in Systemic and Psychodynamic Psychology, The Samaritan Center of Southern Florida

Dr. Button, with more than 35 years of counseling experience, since 1966, recounts his beginnings. “I started out in medical school and realized that my calling was to help people understand their feelings, problems and emotions. Today, I help people look at how they think, what their dreams mean to their lives, and what their thoughts – and beliefs – mean to them. It is when we are able to examine our belief systems that the most-powerful and lasting changes occur.”

Dr. Button helps people through every cycle of life. “My goal is to help you uncover the meaning of your life…to watch troubling symptoms subside, and to gain the strength and energy to pursue the goals in life you’ve always wanted. To me, counseling is about solutions, not problems…solutions that enable you to move forward and regain, or discover for the first time, your personal power to bring meaning into your life.”

Professional Memberships

  • Florida Mental Health Counselors Association
  • Greater Palm Beach Mental Health Counselors Association
  • Analytical Psychology Club of New York City
  • Center for Jungian Studies of Southeast Florida




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